Spring Ball 2014 is Coming!

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Welcome to the IB Spring Ball of 2014! This year the event will be held on the 25th of April and the theme is mystical masquerade.

About the masks: As it is a masquerade, you should have a nice mask with you. We are looking at different web stores to partner with and for example: trying to get a discount code for everyone. So wait for info on the matter before you get one for yourself.

Join the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/238129939691629/?fref=ts

I don’t know if any of you can get some use out of this but when I saw it;, I thought of you guys!


InterGrad is happy to present you with new graduate opportunities

for your graduated students to apply for.

Please note that our service is completely free for both Universities and graduates.

The links below lead to the full job description and

the online application form for each of the positions.

A PDF file with full descriptions is also available.

To view all opportunities we have on offer at the moment please visit our website:

For any questions or if it is not the correct email address to get in touch with your university,

please contact us at admin2@placement-uk.com



GPKV 1 – 136 : Graphic and Product Designer — Property Developers  NEW!

Permanent — Central London

Description and Online Application Form



GJAM 1 – 137 : Executive Search Recruitment Consultant — Recruitment Consultancy  NEW!

Permanent — Manchester

Description and Online Application Form


GNGF 2 – 127 : Trainee Recruitment Consultant — International Recruitment Consultancy

Permanent — Newcastle

Description and Online Application Form


GNGF 3 – 128 : Trainee Recruitment Consultant — International Recruitment Consultancy

Permanent — London

Description and Online Application Form


GVHS 1 – 97 : Trainee Recruitment Consultant — Technology Recruitment

Permanent — London

Description and Online Application Form


GVIT 1 – 89 : External Drywall  Sales Representative — Distributor of Drywall and Building Materials

Permanent Graduate Role — Hertfordshire

Description and Online Application Form

GVIT 2 – 90 : Internal Drywall  Sales Executive — Distributor of Drywall and Building Materials

Permanent Graduate Role — Hertfordshire

Description and Online Application Form


GVIT 3 – 91 : Customer Relations Executive — Distributor of Drywall and Building Materials

Permanent Graduate Role — Hertfordshire

Description and Online Application Form

GLIT 1 – 125 : Sales and Marketing Graduate — Electrical Products Supplier

Permanent Graduate Role — Staffordshire

Description and Online Application Form

InterGrad, 12 Station Rd,
Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 1JJ
Tel: 0044 1926 511 610
Fax: 0044 1926 859 382


Same Old Thinking

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This wasposted by Knowmads Business School Amsterdam in Facebook.  It rang true with me and I thought I’d share it with you guys :).


Tuesday 27.8.2013
Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Dialogic Communication

Host: Hannu Ikonen

workshop Outcomes

To acquire the knowledge, skills and tools to

  • Develop an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset for communicating across differences in global, international, and intercultural environments; and
  • Enhance self-awareness and develop dialogic communication skills as a member of the global business ecosystem.


8:30–8:50             Welcome and Introduction Activity

8:50–10:00          Global Entrepreneurship; Communication and Innovation Skills for Career Success

  • The Communication Perspective
  • Dialogic communication: Key concepts
  • Dialogue self-assessment

10:00–10:15        BREAK

10:15–11:30        How to Become an Entrepreneur in Your Organization: Extending the Communication and Innovation Mindset

  • Dialogic communication skills and tools
  • Small group activity: Applying dialogue and entrepreneurial skills to your professional life
Man sat at a desk

Slouching over a desk is certainly not recommended

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6187080.stm

Sitting up straight is not the best position for office workers, a study has suggested.

Scottish and Canadian researchers used a new form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to show it places an unnecessary strain on your back.

They told the Radiological Society of North America that the best position in which to sit at your desk is leaning back, at about 135 degrees.

Experts said sitting was known to contribute to lower back pain.

Data from the British Chiropractic Association says 32% of the population spends more than 10 hours a day seated.


seating positions

Half do not leave their desks, even to have lunch.

Two thirds of people also sit down at home when they get home from work.

Spinal angles

The research was carried out at Woodend Hospital in Aberdeen.

Twenty two volunteers with healthy backs were scanned using a positional MRI machine, which allows patients the freedom to move – so they can sit or stand – during the test.


 Our bodies are not designed to be so sedentary 
Rishi Loatey, British Chiropractic Association

Traditional scanners mean patients have to lie flat, which may mask causes of pain that stem from different movements or postures.

In this study, the patients assumed three different sitting positions: a slouching position, in which the body is hunched forward as if they were leaning over a desk or a video game console, an upright 90-degree sitting position; and a “relaxed” position where they leaned back at 135 degrees while their feet remained on the floor.

The researchers then took measurements of spinal angles and spinal disk height and movement across the different positions.

Spinal disk movement occurs when weight-bearing strain is placed on the spine, causing the disk to move out of place.

Disk movement was found to be most pronounced with a 90-degree upright sitting posture.

It was least pronounced with the 135-degree posture, suggesting less strain is placed on the spinal disks and associated muscles and tendons in a more relaxed sitting position.

The “slouch” position revealed a reduction in spinal disk height, signifying a high rate of wear and tear on the lowest two spinal levels.

When they looked at all test results, the researchers said the 135-degree position was the best for backs, and say this is how people should sit.

‘Tendency to slide’

Dr Waseem Bashir of the Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Alberta Hospital, Canada, who led the study, said: “Sitting in a sound anatomic position is essential, since the strain put on the spine and its associated ligaments over time can lead to pain, deformity and chronic illness.”

Rishi Loatey of the British Chiropractic Association said: “One in three people suffer from lower back pain and to sit for long periods of time certainly contributes to this, as our bodies are not designed to be so sedentary.”

Levent Caglar from the charity BackCare, added: “In general, opening up the angle between the trunk and the thighs in a seated posture is a good idea and it will improve the shape of the spine, making it more like the natural S-shape in a standing posture.

“As to what is the best angle between thigh and torso when seated, reclining at 135 degrees can make sitting more difficult as there is a tendency to slide off the seat: 120 degrees or less may be better.”