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We’ve all been there.  You’re in a job interview and the dreaded salary question comes up.  “What salary range are you seeking?”   What do you answer? Do you aim high so you don’t get underpaid or aim low to try to get the job? What is the expected salary range anyway? Click the link below to see the video with some answers to these tough questions!

Office eco-efficiency can be improved by following these guidelines:
  1. Use computers for your data management whenever possible. Do not take unnecessary printouts, and print on both sides of the paper!
  2. Activate energy-saving settings on your computer and other office devices. Turn off devices at the end of the working day.
  3. Save energy in all possible ways. If you want to offset emissions generated by your consumption of energy, use Gold Standard-certified projects.
  4. Instead of arranging business trips, try to organise video- and telephone-conference calls. Offset emissions generated by any unavoidable business trips. Remember Gold Standard.
  5. Exercise on your way to work or use public transportation. Take advantage of any opportunities for teleworking.
  6. Eat vegetarian food and meals.
  7. Provide local services instead of goods as a business gift, incentive or bonus.
  8. Try to use less, re-use and recycle! Sort out your office waste.
  9. Procure the most eco-friendly products and services available. Favour renting and leasing contracts.
  10. Act in an environmentally friendly way in your free time too!

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A Steaming Pile of Failure…

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Steaming Pile of Failure

Stafix was started and is run by IB Alumni including José Ayala and Aleksi Rastela.  Several IB alumni are also employed there including Jessica Hollmeier, Jean Petitat, Lorenzo Bracco, and Jonatan Semenoff.  Don’t know what Stafix is? Click the picture on the right to get educated!

A Stafix® campaign gets nominated at the “Grand Prix Romand de Création”

The “Grand Prix Romand of Creation” (CRPG) is an annual competition rewarding creative advertising in the french speaking area of Switzerland. This contest is open to any advertising agencies, graphic design agencies, web agencies, advertisers, designers and photographers in Switzerland as long as their creations were designed and distributed in Switzerland. “GRAND” awards are distributed in several categories (publicity films, posters, radio advertisements, guerrilla, etc.).

In the 2011 contest, the Geneva-based agency “Enigma” presented several projects, including a street marketing campaign on Stafix® that occurred in September 2010.

The campaign, set up by the political party PLR-VD, consisted of sticking fake scratches (printed on Stafix® Clear) on cars parked in the major cities of the french speaking regions of Switzerland in order to raise awareness about incivilities and insecurity.

The campaign gained the attention of the jury who nominated it among the top 3 finalists in the Guerrilla category.

You can find more information about the original campaign here.