JAMK Open House 9.9.2011

Posted: July 1, 2011 by Alison in FYI
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JAMK Main Campus

JAMK Main Campus

JAMK will celebrate the completion of renovation of the main campus (Puistokatu 35, Rajakatu 35) and Pitkäkadu by hosting an open house on Friday the 9th of September, 2011.

Nearby residents, former students and employees are welcome to visit our premises. There will be lots to see even for those that are on the main campus on a regular basis! See preliminary information in Finnish at http://www.jamk.fi/avoimetovet . A rough translation of the preliminary info is below. The program will be updated in August.

Translation of Preliminary Info:

JAMK – Innovator of the future

Innovation gets its start from clever ideas, everyday life, customer feedback, and a desire to change things for the better. Sometimes the spark of innovation comes from where we’d least expect it.

Forging ideas into something tangible takes a lot of know-how.  JAMK’s research, development and active innovation supports the development of central Finland’s businesses and organizations in many ways.  Discover JAMK’s R&D activities and get your own ideas rolling!

JAMK – From “Old School” to “New School”

Many residents of Jyväskylä remember Rajakatu’s facilities of old. Teaching methods have changed a lot since then.  The teachers pointing stick, chalkboard may have symbolized teaching in the 1960’s but what are the tools and methods of the modern age?  No matter how many modern tools we have today, the fact remains that the skills still reside in people.

Puistokatu 35 is well known for its former roll as a city building: it’s now been renovated for educational use. Discover, for example, the smart house, which includes intelligent and innovative solutions to making its inhabitants lives easier.

JAMK A School Near You

Around 1000 students graduate from JAMK and enter the workforce annually. Our staff is in cooperation with companies of all sizes from the very small to the multi-national corporation.  Many working people have updated their skills by participating in further training here at JAMK. You will find that JAMK is an active player in Central Finlands business culture.  A versatile and multi-disciplinary JAMK welcomes you!

  1. Yvonne Batal says:

    Hi Alison!
    Thanks for your reply! Are you a former student? Or a current student ? Are u from the US? lots of questions! If you see our son again, give him a Big hug from us! Have a terrific year!

    • Alison says:

      I’m a bit of both. I’m also the education secretary for the ib students. I sent the map to you guys and had a chat with your husband about the city and school life :). I was also responsible for setting up johns entrance exam. Seems I’ve had a lot to do with you guys 🙂 I’m originally from Indiana 🙂

  2. Very impressed w/ JAMK! We recently dropped our son off from the USA to the University to start a new college life in FInland…Something he has wanted to do since he was in 7th grade… Looks to be a Fantastic fit and we are so lucky to have been given the opportunity for him to study there! The city of Jyvaskyala is just charming! Love all the posts here! Best year to everyone attending!

    • Alison says:

      Hi Yvonne! I’ve had the chance to meet your son and he’s just lovely. I think he’ll do great here. I’m glad you’re feeling good about his being here. I have some idea of how hard it is to have your child so far from you. I happen to be one of those kids ;). Drop a line anytime.

      All the best

  3. EBEN says:

    JAMK offers the most friendly environment to study.I invite people from all walks of life to attend the impending open house and have a feel what hundreds of thousands say JAMK.

  4. […] in June I posted about the upcoming open house and promised more information.  Read the first post here.  The following is a rough translation of the upcoming events at Rajakatu 35 (Main Campus).  […]


    I appreciate the standard of ur school. Infact it is second to none. I dont mind if you can give me admission to study in your school. Thanks.

    • Alison says:

      Hi Adeyeye!

      I’m glad you feel that way about our school. I have to agree with you..JAMK is a great place to learn :). Unfortunately it’s not up to me who gets into our school but I encourage you to apply! JAMK has several programmes taught in English. Please check out http://www.jamk.fi/english/education for more information on all the different programmes. Application time starts in January through http://www.admissions.fi. Good luck with it!


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