Start Ups Basking in LinkedIn’s Growth

Posted: July 11, 2011 by Alison in FYI
LinkedIn has now passed Myspace to become the second largest social network in the U.S. LinkedIn touched an all-time high of 33.9 million unique visitors in June.  It is more often called as the “Professional” Social network………
Now you can use LinkedIn to stay up to date on who’s getting hired or fired….. Keeping the growth of the professional social network’s in mind( LinkedIn), a small Startup has introduced a service called, Job Change Notifier (  As the name suggests this service enables the user to keep track and receive notifications when one of the user’s LinkedIn contacts changes jobs.
The service allows users to keep tabs on their persons of interest, who could be Startup founders, executives, and to find out when they resign, get hired etc… The site is easy and quick to use. Users just have to enter their email addresses to receive alerts, choose which LinkedIn connections they want to track and that is it and the site is already tracking over 300,000 profiles (in few days) and is continuously adding new profiles every day.
The downside of it is that not everyone updates their LinkedIn profiles immediately following a job change, and there is a time lag between the corresponding update on LinkedIn, but it’s still the fastest way to find out about user’s contacts’ career moves.
– Komal Arora
Manager Technologies

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