Charge Your iPad, Phone, Digital Camera or Navi on the Go with a Solar Charger!

Posted: July 15, 2011 by Alison in Gadgets
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The Spark iPad (and other tablet) Charger

Check out what I’ve discovered.  I found a company called Voltaic that makes bags to charge your must have electronics.  For those of you that regularly carry around an iPad, mobile phone, digital camera or navigator this little beauty will charge them all using the power of the sun!

This same company also makes backpacks that can charge laptops and other various goodies! Check out Voltaic from their website. I can’t personally vouch for how well it works as I don’t own one but it looked so cool that I just had to share!

Solar Charger Specifications

  • 8.0 Watts of Solar Panel generate power in sunlight. Panels are waterproof, lightweight and built to withstand abuse.
  • Charge times: About 10 hours in direct sun will fully charge an iPad, other tablets may take less time.
  • Peak Output: 6 Volts, 1,333mA or 12 Volts, 667mA
  • Universal Battery Pack stores power for use anytime and is specially designed to charge efficiently from solar. When not in the sun, the battery can be charged from normal or high-powered USB ports.
  • Charge times: Battery will be fully charged 10 hours of direct sunlight
  • Output: Two output ports, a 5.0V, 600mA via USB port and 5.0V 2A from high-powered USB port. Can charge two devices at the same time.
  • Connect to Devices via the normal and high-powered USB Ports or 5 standard adapters

Bag Specifications

  • Padded Sleeve: Fits and protects iPad or other tablet
  • Dimensions: 13.5″ high x 11″wide x 2.0″ deep (34cm high x 27cm wide x 4cm deep)
  • Weight: About 2.5 pounds (1130 grams) including battery and solar panels
  • Interior Pocket: Mesh pocket stores adapters and cables
  • Fabric: 600D shell made from recycled PET (soda bottles),which is
    waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant

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