Feigning Ignorance To Acheive Results

Posted: July 18, 2011 by Alison in FYI
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A way to gain additional background into a sensitive matter is to pretend to know nothing or very little about that matter. Generally, if one person believes a second person is unaware of a matter, he’ll provide details necessary for the second person to agree with the first person’s opinion. Further, the first person will assume that, in the second person’s ignorance, she has not formed an opinion about the matter. As such, the first person’s response will be less guarded. An example is conflict between two parties. One or both parties might try to pull you into or take sides on the conflict. You can retain the appearance of objectivity, while gathering more information about the situation, by suggesting that you are unaware of the situation. Then, you can use each party’s explanation of the situation as an opportunity to constructively resolve it, such as by offering alternative perspectives or different approaches.

Original Blog Post by: Akago Kitsune


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