JAMK Open House 9.9.2011 / UPDATE

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Back in June I posted about the upcoming open house and promised more information.  Read the first post here.  The following is a rough translation of the upcoming events at Rajakatu 35 (Main Campus).  There is also something on offer on Puistokatu and in Dynamo.  You can see the entire program in Finnish from: http://www.jamk.fi/tutustu/tapahtumat/avoimetovet/prime117.aspx


The main campus at Rajakatu 35 houses approximately 2700 students (future engineers, Bachelors of Business Administration, Bachelor of Hospitality Management to name a few). The main campus is very international: There are about 250 degree students in studying in our English education programs, and about 400 exchange students every year. The main Campus also houses Vocational Teacher Education. The different presentation points are open from 9.30 to 15 unless otherwise noted.

Program for Rajakatu 35

10.00 to 11.00: Sustainable development, ethics, the carbon footprint – an overview of responsible business
Who: Juha Lindroos, JAMK
Where: Auditorium Tulikari, 2nd floor (D207)

11.00 to 12.00: Deployment of bio-energy and development prospects in Central Finland
Who: Markku Paananen
Where: Auditorium Tulikari, 2nd floor (D207)

10 am onward: International Flavors
Duration: as long as there are enough tidbits to go around!
Who: Facility Management degree students Asta Laaksonen, Kim Anh Nguyen and their classmates present food culture from countries around the world and offer an exotic experience for your taste buds.
Where: Classroom D149

13.00: Learn about Tea
Come and enjoy a refreshing and educational tea experience! With the help of an expert we’ll learn about tea and have the chance to sample different options.
Who: Lecturer Kimmo Aho and Facility Management students.
Status: Class D148 (next to the restaurant for lunch)

From Idea to Innovation

Where: Gymnasium, D-Wing, 2nd floor
In our newly renovated gymnasium we’re move more than just your body!  Some of JAMK’s research, development, and innovation will be on display. Wander around and get inspired! Chat with people and have a bite to eat while you’re at it!

Students in innovation and development
Students are involved in innovation and development in many ways. Come see JAMK incubator, Lutakko Living Lab and Skynest

Idea Mill
Try brainstorming tools! Bring a concept with you and let the ideas flow. Approximately 15 minutes of guided brainstorming.

Poster show
Put your feed up and watch a slide show of examples of JAMK’s different fields of research and various development projects.

RDI-elevator pitches
An elevator speech is short but effective and focuses on the essentials. Listen, ask and comment. Speakers are JAMK staff involved in RDI.

Innovations by personnel
Innovation is a word which you hear often these days. How does JAMK innovate? Meet some of our staff and check out their innovations.

Speaker’s Corner
The speakers and topics reported sometime in August.

Local Food Bar
Experience food from central Finland!

Laboratories and test facilities

Calibration center, machine vision laboratory, thermal imaging, force measurements – Technology laboratory demonstrations throughout the day! The Bioenergy Center and Natural Resources fields will also be on display. Facilities can be found in the F-wing, ground floor. Signs.
More information about the laboratory and measurement services

From the Old to the New

Come remember the good old days when teachers used sticks and chalk and then travel through the ages to the modern-day.  See how things have changed in teaching.  We’ll offer entertainment in the Arts Wing.  You won’t be bored and you’ll find that “Teacher Talks – Student Listens” not the only way of learning.


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