The following tips originate from  You can either click the tip below that interests you or go to the site direct and browse at your leisure.  I, myself, don’t profess to be a project management guru so if project management is your thing please feel free to suggest articles, blog posts or write  your own tips.  Get your ideas posted! 🙂

  1. Project Management Best Practices I: Plan the Work
  2. Project Management Best Practices II: Work the Plan
  3. What is the difference between defining a project and planning one?
  4. What constitutes a good goal statement?
  5. How to train new users of Project KickStart.
  6. What are the things I should be monitoring regularly on my projects?
  7. How to get support from managers?
  8. Project planning checklist
  9. Poor project communication will cause many projects to end unsuccessfully.
  10. Who updates the workplan?
  11. How should I deal with changes in my project?
  12. What should a good status report cover?
  13. What if your project is late because some managers fail to cooperate?
  14. If I’m afraid I might not be able to deliver every piece of my project by the deadline,
    how can I get agreement on the priority of parts of the project?
  15. IT Project Success
  16. Planning to Build vs. Building the Plan
  1. […] Project Management Tips ( […]

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