Is it Possible That High-Tech SME Companies Have Rejected Branding?

Posted: August 10, 2011 by heidineuvonen in FYI
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Heidi Neuvonen

Heidi Neuvonen / Senior Lecturer

I have spent the spring and summer studying. Wonderful to be able to focus only on my studies and I want to express my sincere thanks to Matti and all colleagues for this opportunity.

However, as a result of all this studying, my mind is overflowing with notions I would like to share with you. My passion lies with branding strategies within high-tech SME context. Despite the common knowledge that we live in a branded world, not all industries have found brands. Furthermore, in high-tech marketing literature branding has been seen as having very little, if any, importance in the future success of high-tech companies.

Is it possible that high-tech SME companies have rejected branding for a reason? Is it not a relevant strategy for them? I will shed some light to these questions in the coming Autumn.

  1. Kevin Manninen says:

    Stop branding and start selling! Until you have sales, you have no brand!!! The problem I saw in J-Town (that’s our nickname for Jyväskylä) was that everyone was interested in branding. Everybody in Jykes and related organizations wanted to be on the “branding Jyväskylä committee”. Now I know why. It allows them be be involving in marketing without having to make contact with the customer! It’s ok to envision your brand at the beginning, but branding should not be a priority until you have customers. And only delivering a good value proposition will get customers.

    • Alison says:

      I’m no expert but I think branding should be carefully considered from the beginning and should cover all areas of a company. The way one treats the customer, makes the sale etc builds a brand. Priority number 1, perhaps not but it definitely bears thinking about. I like to think of Stafix as a great example. They are a small company but they act, and portray themselves as a large company with a clear idea of what and who they are. They’ve thought about their brand from the very beginning and have continued to do so.

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