Want to Further Your Studies? Do it at the Finnish Online University of Applied Sciences!

Posted: August 10, 2011 by Alison in FYI

Virtual UASIs there something you wish you knew a little more about?  It’s now possible to study via online courses from www.amk.fi.  If you’re a currently registered student at one of the many University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Finland you may register and take courses free of charge.  If you are not a registered student then a fee applies for each course.  Some employers are very supportive of learning and may cover any fee’s for learning.  It pays to ask if you find a course you think is worth pursuing.

Students can apply for courses via http://www.amk.fi/en/index.html, at the Study Services section. You’ll have to register to use the portal.  The studies via the Finnish Online UAS are free of charge for degree students at universities of applied sciences.  A fee is charged for non-students.

Further information on Finnish Online UAS studies and instructions on how to apply for courses available at the section Information on Studying. Finnish Online UAS contact persons guide you at your own university (if you’re part of one).

Student guide: How to apply for courses via Finnish Online UAS [ pdf,290 kt]

At the Portal of the Open University of Applied Sciences you can search and apply for courses offered by the Open Universities of Applied Sciences. Those courses are mainly chargeable for all students.

More info from: http://www.amk.fi/en/index.html


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