Personal Brand Identity and Career Management

Posted: August 22, 2011 by Alison in Articles/Essays
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Personal BrandBy Greg Johnson,

In our current job market and economic climate, one of the most sought after yet difficult to attain aspects of our career is job security. With the average tenure at corporate positions, especially the more senior ones lasting an average of two and a half to three years, where can we get our security? The answer lies in our personal branding. It is through Personal Brand Equity that we can establish our value to employers past, present and future. However, where does our brand equity come from? Often times at networking events, I ask people what they do, and they respond by telling me their function, or possibly defining themselves by the tasks or processes they do at work. The problem is that this does nothing to indicate how well they do those tasks and processes, and it does nothing to differentiate them from everyone else who performs the same tasks and processes. When developing our personal brand identity, it is very important to understand that each of us has a unique shape that is a blend of skills, education, experiences and passions. It is through these that, in the process of doing tasks and processes for a company, we achieve accomplishments that contribute to the bottom line of an organization’s success. Over the next few weeks, I will be writing several blogs illustrating how to identify this blend of attributes and the accomplishments achieved throughout a career. Once you have this foundation of your personal brand, we will explore how to use this information to articulate your value proposition throughout your career management.

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  1. It is nice you want to use my blog, but glancing at your blog, it appears that you wrote this. Could you at least acknowledge the author at the beginning, or put a link to the author like you do on your other blogs that you share? Thanks for your cooperation. 🙂

    • Alison says:

      Hi Greg,

      Of course! My apologies for the way it appears. I placed the link at the bottom but am very happy to also put your name at the top as you wrote the original post. Again my apologies. You’ll find the new and improved version of the post momentarily.


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