Training: Sports Marketing Specialization, 30 Credits

Posted: August 24, 2011 by Alison in Get Educated
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Are you interested in learning about marketing for sports?  This might be the programme for you!  There’s a set of courses available specifically covering this subject.  Check out the info in the table below to see if this is right for you!

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Description Sports Marketing specialization courses will give the participants a modern, versatile and practical picture of sports marketing and sponsorship. The studies also focus on event production and marketing, brand creation and management, international sports marketing and media communications.
Dates 31.10.2011 – 23.11.2012
Place Vierumäki and Jyväskylä, Finland
Target Group
These courses are targeted at those working in the area of sports marketing. These courses are suitable for sports clubs and organizations, employees, or the organizers of various events as well as corporate or government sponsorship and those responsible for event marketing.Prerequisite education: University of Applied Sciences or University degree, college diploma or a degree of practical experience and other training acquired through a strong professional skills.
Goals These courses will develop the participants’ professional and practical skills in marketing from their own employers/organizations or the community point of view. While studying the student will take into account the needs of their organization, its marketing and/or communication plans as well as development activities.
  • Sports Marketing – economy
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Physical culture and sports marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Event marketing and project management
  • Brand creation and sports management
  • Sports Media as a product and sports communication
  • International sports marketing, and future prospects
Completion Method
Studies will be carried out in multi-modal teaching and it is possible to study while working.
Near Future Schedule dates:
22.-23.11.2012Part of the teaching is in English


Additional Information
There is a tuition fee of 500 Euro. (Ylimenenevältä ajalta peritään 50% opintojen kokonaishinnasta)These courses are held in cooperation with the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and the Finnish Sports Institute.

ATTENTION! Please remember to fill in the club/organization when registering. It is relevant to the selection criteria. Enter it where it says: Merkittävä ammatillinen jatko- ja täydennyskoulutus (Significant professional post-graduate and continuing education)

Price 500,00 €
Application time ends 31.08.2011

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  1. I enjoyed Fabrizio’s first book, “Sports Investing: Profiting from Point Spreads” – which gives a good overview of applying contrarian methods to the sports betting world. The first book is fairly general but does a good job of helping readers apply systematic methods. In particular, the author advocates objective approaches that make sense, such as: “betting percentages” (to find value and bet against the general public) and “line movement setups” (that indicate the direction of syndicate/big bettors).

    This follow-up book on “College Football Betting Systems,” is fairly thin, but it takes the first book a step further. It focuses on college football data – and in particular, shows parameters such as specific point spreads and betting percentages ranges that have helped the author and his team achieve decent results.

    Sports bettors looking for a get-rich-quick method will be disappointed. However, those looking for a solid approach that can be used both “stand-alone” — or as part of additional handicapping methods — will find a lot of useful and practical betting info. Dan Fab and his team have put themselves out there with published data, methods, and picks for years — and have produced generally profitable results, even after vig.

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