Here’s What Makes A Good Brochure!

Posted: November 16, 2011 by Alison in Marketing
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Following on from what makes a brochure crap…

We humans don’t talk in bullet points or rave about how good we are or crap on about our history ad nauseum. We look into someone’s eyes and tell stories that engage and delight the recipient. We are friendly, offer something valuable and are keen for a response.

Now go look at your companies’ brochure – does it contain the following:

  1. As many compelling reasons for me to buy from you as possible. What’s in it for me, how will I benefit from your product or services? (Include benefits, outcomes, features and interesting info – the lot. No holding back!)
  2. Who else has bought – that is happy testimonials? I will believe your satisfied clients before I believe you.
  3. What incentives are there for me to hand over my cold hard cash? How are you enticing? Do you have a special offer?
  4. Tell me the easy way for me to buy with a number of payment options – you don’t know this but it’s really helpful if I can pay over a three-month period with my credit card (for example).
  5. Guaranteed – I don’t trust you yet, what if I’ve made the wrong choice? I’m a good person but I don’t want sole responsibility in this transaction. What happens if it breaks – will I have a huge amount of trouble getting a refund or replacement? Are you good enough to guarantee your work 100%?

I will repeat myself a hundred times in marketing when it comes to spending any money on it. GET IT RIGHT! It’s hard enough with the competition, staffing, compliance and so on to spend money and not get a result.

Who has got boxes of brochures in the back room that never really worked?

If you are a small or medium business owner, have no fear – the big corporates buggar it up as well. So a competitive edge is to get your ‘brochure’ working for you as a sales tool – something that will compel someone to buy from you or at least enquire further.

Brochures are a sales tool. A tool to work for you when you aren’t there in front of your clients. If yours don’t work – biff the lot and start again.



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