Where Would You Put Your Phone? Why Not Put it in Your Bra?

Posted: May 10, 2012 by Alison in Gadgets, Just For Fun
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American students have developed a bra, which can hold everything you need – cell phone, debit card, and even your house keys. Have you ever tried to put money or debit cards in your bra with little success? Do you hate to carry a handbag because all the most important stuff gets lost in the bottom? Have you always dreamed of being a kangaroo?  No problem, U.S. university students Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow has been developed a new kind of bra in cooperation with “The JoeyBra”, which can hold nearly everything you need, like your cell phone, debit card, ID and house keys.

No pockets in your pants? Can’t stand to carry a handbag? You can carry it all in a JoeyBra!

The idea arose during interviews done with female students – women apparently felt that they needed a new dimension to bra, or simply some extra pockets. Perhaps the house keys won’t be as easily forgotten!

Image: The JoeyBra Copyright: Splash

You can even fit a cell phone into the generous pocket.  These leopard print bras were named after baby kangaroo’s, also known as Joeys.

Image: The JoeyBra Copyright: Splash

The handy pocket is great for credit cards or money especially when traveling abroad.  See more about the JoeyBra from http://www.joeybra.com/

Taken and translated from: http://www.mtv3.fi/helmi/vapaalla/artikkeli.shtml/2012/05/1543402/mihin-sujauttaisit-kannykkasi-vaikkapa-naihin-rintaliiveihin

  1. carl4414211 says:

    This might be an option if you are on the beach or around the house. The CellBand is another option. “The CellBand” is a wrist sports band converted to hold small devices. They make two models. One holds all kinds of small devices, and another that just holds smart phones. They are cheap $6.99 and $7.99. Also, you can buy at wholesale from $1.50-2.00 depending on how much you want. http://www.cellband.com

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