Make a Lasting Impression in Under 30 Seconds

Posted: May 22, 2012 by Alison in Networking
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by Maro Onokpise

What you do or say within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone could mean the difference between getting the job or just being another face.  There is a reason Super Bowl commercials command millions of dollars for a 30 second spot.  Because that’s all the time you need to deliver a compelling message.  The problem is that most of us don’t work on our 30 second message.  This goes beyond your elevator pitch.  Think about it.  If you had 30 seconds to speak with the CEO of the company of your dreams, what would you say to him/her?  You may not have an ad agency at your disposal to help with crafting your 30 second spot, but that’s why you have Jobtrakr.

I took an Advertising class my junior year at the University of Central Florida, and learned a lot.  Most of which I apply to what I do today, and you can to.

Here are a few tricks of the trade that advertisers use to get your attention within 30 seconds.

Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Think about some of your favorite commercials.  For me, we have a super market here in Orlando called Publix.  Hands down, they have some of the most compelling and heartwarming commercials I have ever seen (look them up on Youtube.  You won’t be disappointed).  For you, your favorite commercial may have comedic elements to it. Whatever it is, think about what drew you in and how you can use those techniques during your next important conversation.

Convey a Clear and Concise Message

The worst thing you can do when you’re trying to deliver a message is to be all over the place.  The companies that are successful have a laser focused message. Anything that deviates from their core message doesn’t enter the conversation. Now think about your message.What is your core message?  Would you be able to articulate a clear and concise message?

Focus on Differentiation

Marketers work relentlessly to try and differentiate themselves from their competitors. This is what drives them to be the best in their business.  What is your differentiatior? Why should Florida Hospital, Lockheed Martin, Apple or any other company hire you over your competition?

Hopefully the aforementioned points got your mind moving and hopefully in a place where you are beginning to think about your 30 second message.  When you combine these elements, that’s when you have the makings of something that opens the doors for future conversations.  Your’re not going to always be able to sell everyone on you within the first conversation.  The goal is to make a lasting impression on that first conversation to make them want to learn more about you.

About Maro Onokpise

Maro Onokpise is the founder and Editor of Jobtrakr. He oversees all editorial content and is responsible for hosting hiring and recruiting events throughout Central Florida. Prior to turning his sights on the job industry, Maro was an Associate Manager for Banana Republic where he was responsible for Men’s Merchandise. In 2010 Maro was featured on the cover of Career Magazine and was also named to Orlando Business Journal’s 40 Under 40. Maro Onokpise is a graduate of the University of Central Florida.


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