Develop Your Business Networking Skills

Posted: December 7, 2012 by Alison in Networking
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Learning how to network effectively is a great way to build your business. By taking the time to meet with other businesspeople and discovering how you can help them and they can help you, you can develop relationships that will provide great rewards for you in the future.

Networking is more than just attending Chamber of Commerce meetings, going to local business association mixers, or joining a group such as Business Network International or Powercore. These articles explain how to make the most of your networking time, what the different types of networking groups do, and how you can use the contacts you meet at networking events to grow your business.

As Membership Director for the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Lisa Zaken has attended hundreds of networking meetings. She shares some effective business networking tips that she has learned over the years.

To be an effective networker, you have to learn how to communicate with other people. Find out why you’ve got to put a personal touch into your networking activities in this article about why Networking is Not a Spreadsheet Activity.

If you’re planning on attending a networking event, there are several things you can do before, during, and after the meeting to increase the odds of Connecting Effectively with Other People.

Networking can bring many benefits, from a sales lead to a new job. By expanding your list of contacts, and following up with them appropriately, you can Make Your Own Networking Luck.

Ever-increasing advertising messages—from TV commercials to email—have gotten to the point where most people don’t even notice them any more. That makes networking and establishing relationships even more important than in the past. Don’t Sell — Connect with Your Prospects.

Networking is about building relationships with other people. It’s something we do every day. This article onRelationship Networking explains how an individual can develop a networking relationship with others, and how companies can develop business relationships with other companies through partnering.

In a closed contact networking group, members are expected to give leads to other members. By following these tips on Getting More Referrals, you can improve the chances of getting referrals that are likely to turn into sales prospects.

Do you approach your networking activities as a series of quick hits that might turn up a lead or prospect for your business, or do you look at your networking activities as an opportunity to build long-term relationships? Find out how positive networking, although it takes more time, will help you meet contacts that can help you over the long term.

Speaker and author Susan RoAne is well known for her networking expertise. She shares networking tips in her article Savvy Networking: Who You Gonna Call?

Business cards are the common currency of business networking. Attend a meeting, and you’re sure to hand out –and receive– several. Follow these tips for Using Business Cards to Market Your Business to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.

How good a networker are you? If you think you know all about business networking, take the short quiz in this article, and learn What Networking Is – and Isn’t.

Are you thinking about joining a networking group? Business networking is about sharing leads and developing relationships with other businesspeople. This article explains the different types of networking groups you can attend.

By attending a leads group, your goal is not to make the group members your clients. Your goal is to turn members into your marketing department, so they will provide you with the names of people they know who could use your services. Follow these strategies for developing relationships with your fellow networkers, and you’ll see referrals increase.

Are you doing everything you need to to make the most of your networking time? Follow these tips to make sure your networking is effective.

One great way to learn to network is to listen to someone who has lots of experience. Pam Fennimore is a member of three different networking groups. She discusses how she gets the most out of networking in each group in this interview.

You’ve gone to a networking event, and you’ve come back with a load of business cards and new contacts. Before you try to turn these contacts into leads, take a look at this article on Networking Mistakes to Avoidduring your follow up activities.

Do you find yourself handing out a lot of business cards at networking meetings, but never getting any leads? Maybe you need to focus on the people you meet rather than yourself. Learn how by reading Catch More Clients Using Strategic Networking.

Networking doesn’t stop when the meeting is over. In fact, you can cement relationships by following up with the contacts you meet. Find out how in Garnishing A Network.

Sole proprietors can benefit from attending networking events and developing relationships with the people they meet. This is especially important because they may not be in contact with their peers as are individuals at larger firms. Find out more in The Power of Relationships.

How do you keep track of the people you meet at networking events or trade shows? Get some valuable tips inHandling Business Card Overload.

The way we communicate with the people we meet affects the relationships we build with them. Learn how to communicate effectively when you network in Language Spoken For Winning.

Successful networking is a mix of attending different types of meetings, becoming active in the events you attend, and following up with the contacts you make. Get some valuable tips in Networking Success: Mastering the Right Combination.

What should you do at a networking meeting? Networking Means Showing Up…Showing Up Isn’t Networking.

You attended a networking meeting and met some good contacts. You aren’t done yet. Networking Starts When the Event Is Finished.

If you find yourself attending networking events and never having anything to show for it, these tips can help you become more effective. Networking That Works

What should you expect after attending a networking meeting? If you network effectively, you should be able to gain one or two new clients from each meeting. Find out why in Networking – Working The Numbers.

The way you approach people at a meeting can make a difference in the results you get. Our pets provide a good example: The Dogs and Cats of Networking

Are you making the right contacts when you network? If you want to learn how to get more from your networking activities, read The Ultimate Business Network: One Secret Power of the Masters



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