Your Humble Author

Alison Doolittle-Suokas

Ever wonder where your IB alumni are?  Me too!  This blog is not only for IB alumni but for anyone interested in IB. Your humble author hails from the class of 2004.  Suggestions for stories are welcome!  Tell us what you’re doing these days!  We want to know!  For IB Alumni near and far. Wherever you may be we want to keep in touch!

Your Humble Author
Alison Doolittle-Suokas

  1. Quan Anh Doan says:

    is there a way to get those people that “like” the page from Facebook to automatically get confirmation link as subscribers? There are only 5 e-mail subscribers only.

    Or, if people in Facebook can get notifications of what’s new. (I guess we need to change the page in Facebook into group page!?)

    I’m just learning how to blog, so… not yet an expert of attracting audiences yet 😀

    • Quan Anh Doan says:

      oh, and I could not find a way to comment at the first time. Possibly, the little symbol on the top-right of each post is quite lost into the background?

      I mean, after people read a post, they expect a “comment” button at the end. I’m just being stereotype 😀

      • Quan Anh Doan says:

        And if we have some kinds of catalog of the topics, an index whatsoever, displays only the titles, it will be easier to check for older posts. 🙂

      • Alison says:

        There are categories, keywords and an archive 🙂 hopefully this will make things easy to find. There’s also a search function on the left side. I’ve now made it that comments come in real time. Thanks for all the great input 🙂

      • Quan Anh Doan says:

        Oh, I’ve just noticed the archive and keywords at the bottom of the page. Sorry 😛

      • Quan Anh Doan says:

        oh hey I just get one more thing. Because in the front page, every posts are fully displayed. So I didn’t click the titles of the posts and kept reading the whole articles.

        But because I didn’t click the titles of the posts, I could not get into the “leave a reply” section.

        So, I think if the front page only display the summary of the post, people will have to click to expand and see the whole post, and then they see a place to “leave are reply”.

        Maybe it’s just me who didn’t know how to reply at the first place, not people =.=

  2. Quan Anh Doan says:

    Hi Alison,

    I think you are doing great job on this JAMK IB Alumni page. However, if the audiences can interact (live comments, post articles), the page will be more lively and connect people. (of course, the content will be managed and pre-read by you prior any post)

    What do you think?

    • Alison says:

      I totally agree! I have to find a template that allows open posting or articles from the front end. I can, of course, give rights to people that want to write articles and they can go and write anytime :). Any ideas on how I might get more connect-ability in the blog? Suggestions are very welcome! I’m still learning and it’s a work in progress 🙂

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