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Tuesday 27.8.2013
Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Dialogic Communication

Host: Hannu Ikonen

workshop Outcomes

To acquire the knowledge, skills and tools to

  • Develop an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset for communicating across differences in global, international, and intercultural environments; and
  • Enhance self-awareness and develop dialogic communication skills as a member of the global business ecosystem.


8:30–8:50             Welcome and Introduction Activity

8:50–10:00          Global Entrepreneurship; Communication and Innovation Skills for Career Success

  • The Communication Perspective
  • Dialogic communication: Key concepts
  • Dialogue self-assessment

10:00–10:15        BREAK

10:15–11:30        How to Become an Entrepreneur in Your Organization: Extending the Communication and Innovation Mindset

  • Dialogic communication skills and tools
  • Small group activity: Applying dialogue and entrepreneurial skills to your professional life

Nerdy Shortcuts

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Who couldn’t use a time-saving tip now and then?  Some of these I was aware of but others were a revelation!  It’s a quick watch but full of good ideas.  Enjoy!

Please see more info for coming webinar by clicking here. The webinar will take place tomorrow (March 26) and start at 14:00 Finnish time. The topic is “Key Success Factors in Strategic Development of Clusters”, and our guest speaker is Albert Solé, a consultant at Cluster Development in Barcelona. If the topic is interesting for you, you are welcome to join us at  Tell your friends! =)


The JAMK Centre for Competitiveness proudly presents a webinar on Key Success Factors in Strategic Development of Clusters!  Don’t miss out.  The webinar will take place on march 26th, 2013 at 14.00 Finnish time (UTC/GMT + 2 hours) = 13.00 Central European Time = 07.00 USA Eastern Standard Time.

  • Speaker: Albert Solé, consultant at Cluster Development
  • Moderator: Dr. Murat Akpinar, JAMK
  • Date: March 26, 2013
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Starting Time: 14.00 Finnish time (UTC/GMT + 2 hours) = 13.00 Central European Time = 07.00 USA Eastern Standard Time

Process: 30 minute presentation by the speaker + 30 minutes time for discussion and questions from the audience. The audience can submit their questions during the first 30 minutes or during the Q&A session to the “Chat” area. The webinar will be video recorded and made available at the blog of JAMK Centre for Competitiveness as well as through the channels of the Competitiveness Institute (TCI) and MoC network.

Participation: You can participate by signing-in as a guest (no password required) at We will allow entry five minutes before the start.

Key Success Factors in Strategic Development of Clusters

Clusters have been recognized as an important means for stimulating innovations and fostering competitiveness, economic development and prosperity. Today, about 20 years after the concept of business clusters gained relevance as a tool for economic  development, it is used by countries and regions around the world with varying speeds, particularities and of course different starting points. Cluster initiatives are undertaken to stimulate cluster dynamics and development. Understanding key success factors behind strategic development of clusters is crucial in order to optimize public resources and deploy efficient cluster policies. This webinar aims to serve to this purpose with examples of success stories.

Cluster Development is a Spanish consultancy firm headquartered in Barcelona. It specializes in the strategic and sustainable development of clusters to reinforce the overall competitiveness and long-term profitability of cluster firms. Its team of consultants has applied a results-oriented, innovative and hands-on methodology to more than 140 cluster projects within more than 30 different economic sectors around the world. For more info, please visit

Albert Solé

Albert Solé has 10-year experience in the field of clustering, both from the consulting and the public sector perspective. Previously to joining Cluster Development, he worked for different consulting firms in the US and Europe. Later, at the Catalan Competitiveness Agency (ACC10), he managed the sectorial policies unit in charge of facilitating collective actions to reinforce the competitive position of Catalan economic sectors. He is an active member of European-wide discussion groups in the field of clusters and regular speaker at The Competitiveness Institute congresses. He holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco.


Topics: corporate social responsibility, shared value creation, social innovation, and competitiveness.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Pablo Collazzo, WU-Vienna University of Economics

Moderator: Dr. Murat Akpinar, JAMK
Date: January 30, 2013 Duration: 60 minutes Starting Time: 14.00
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