Get Your Ideas Posted in the IB Alumni Blog!

Have you got a story to tell?  Experience and the desire to spread wisdom (or something like that)? Share your stories with us!  If you’d like to have something posted in the blow or be a regular contributor please fill out the form below!

Some subjects I’d suggest:

  • Personal experiences in the work place (Can be anonymous if you want)
  • Tips (Sales, marketing, working with your peers, internationality, acclimating to a new job or country, Management, HR, etc.)
  • Tell us about your company! Shameless plugs allowed!
  • Jobs! Both offered and needed
  • Environmental issues in the workplace
  • Anything you think might interest other IB Alumni

The goal of the blog is to get as many varied outlooks as possible.  I would love to see posts about people’s different issues.

If you think you’d like to contribute something to this blog please contact me by filling out the form below.

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