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by Stephanie Goddard

Ask yourself these work stress questions…and get some relief immediately.

  1. Will this matter in five weeks?
  2. Am I in someone else’s business or in my business?
  3. What about this person/situation irritates me? Do I have that trait? And if so, do I dislike it in myself?
  4. Why don’t I like that trait?
  5. Research shows if I hold this thought for longer than 17 seconds, I run the risk of physical illness. Is this worth getting sick over?
  6. Do I want to stay in this job? If yes, is my stressful thought creating behaviors in me that ensure my continued employment or potentially harm it
  7. If I do not want to keep this job, is my stressful thinking creating an exit strategy that will result in an excellent reference?
  8. What are the TOP THREE reasons I like this job?
  9. Am I trying to be right or do the right thing? Do I get the difference
  10. What I am worried will happen if I stop thinking about this?
  11. Are my thoughts about this completely true—or is it possible I have partial information? Is it possible I have filled in some gaps in a negative way?

via Work Stress Worksheet (Quick and Easy).